Is Shift A Car a transport company?

We get asked this a lot, but no, we are not a transport company.

Shift A Car are however experts at moving all types of vehicle, and we move more vehicles every month than any other company in the UK. Over the last decade, we have invested heavily in building the biggest and best network of transport companies, and we've also developed web-based software which helps us to communicate with these companies.

This allows us to match your vehicle with the perfect transport company, ensuring that you get the best price for the journey and the dates you want. There are literally thousands of individual transport companies in the UK, and you might find yourself phoning dozens of them before you find someone who can meet your requirements, but one phone call to Shift A Car could have your vehicle movement booked in minutes.

We also pride ourselves on our levels of service and professionalism, and throughout the duration of your vehicle movement you can always talk to us directly about any concerns you might have.

We keep regular office hours, and when you book with Shift A Car you will get a dedicated representative to deal with all of your questions and paperwork.

Calling us for a quote will cost you nothing, so give it a try.