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We provide car delivery services for some of the biggest names in the UK automotive industry, as well as hundreds of private individuals every month.

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Shift A Car compares the market to find you the best prices for moving your vehicle. Call us now for a friendly discussion and an instant no-obligation quote.

Shift A Car exists to help people who need to move cars, vans, trucks, buses and motorcycles - any type of vehicle. We're as happy moving a Mini across London as we are moving 100 Ferraris from John O'Groats to Land's End.

We have a dedicated team in place at our Oxfordshire offices who are ready to take your call and give you the best possible advice.

No need to phone around

We take care of your vehicle movement so you don't have to. Phoning around individual transport companies looking for someone to move your vehicle is a tricky business, with many factors to take into account - dates, locations, insurance, service type and price to name just a few.

At Shift A Car we know the industry inside out. Every month we move thousands of vehicles, utilising hundreds of transport companies, and we are able to find the very best person to undertake your movement. More often than not, because of our experience and the scale of our supplier network, we will get you the best price possible.

Shift A Car organise the movement of vehicles. We provide this service for private and commercial customers and we pride ourselves on the quality of our service and our competitive pricing.

Whether you have a single vehicle to move, or five hundred, Shift A Car will handle your requirement. We have one of the most comprehensive networks of transport companies and trade plate drivers in the UK, and this allows us to move vehicles at short notice for the best price available.

UK-Wide Urgent Deliveries

We move thousands of vehicles around the length and breadth of the UK every month. Working with our hand-picked network of vehicle transport companies on a daily basis helps us to meet the most urgent of requirements, regardless of location.

If you have to move a car urgently, call Shift A Car for the best service around. Our team are here to answer your questions and provide you with a no obligation quote for moving your vehicle.

Ask about an urgent car delivery

You can trust Shift A Car with your vehicle movements. We compare the market for price, quality and reliability whilst ensuring delivery agents are legal and insured at all times. Our network of approved suppliers is second to none in the industry.

At our offices in Oxfordshire we have dedicated personnel ready and waiting to take your call. We have suppliers who specialise in moving big cars, small cars, classic cars and high-value cars. Even moving motorcycles, trucks, buses or vans won't pose a problem to our team.

We pride ourselves on using the latest technology to deliver the best service possible. This means we can more often than not give you a price for moving your vehicle while you are on the phone.

Across the UK, Ireland and Europe

Shift A Car is one of the few companies who can provide you with quotes for moving vehicles anywhere in the UK, Ireland or mainland Europe. Regardless of location, we can offer transported, driven and covered transportation.

As well as undertaking deliveries for individuals, we are also growing as a respected resource within the trade, working with dealerships, auction houses and fleet management companies on a daily basis. 

Call us today to find out more.

Shift A Car is a modern business made up of highly dedicated, highly professional team members. We are based in Thame, Oxfordshire and have been operating from this base for 10 years, helping private and trade customers to move their vehicles around the UK.

Our business only has one function - to move your vehicles from a to b for the best possible price, and within a timeframe that meets your requirements. Whether you need to move one or fifty vehicles, tomorrow or next month, we can make it happen. We use the very latest technology to help us achieve this goal, and we are renowned in the trade for our ability to fulfill urgent vehicle deliveries.

Over 10 years of experience at the end of your phone

More than ten years of moving vehicles gives Shift A Car an unrivaled place in the industry. We have intricate knowledge of the transport network in the UK, and have worked with just about every transport company at one time or another. Regardless of where and when you need you car moved, chances are that Shift A Car knows the perfect person for the job already.

This knowledge of the industry is important to help us achieve our goal of being the best, but most importantly it saves money for our customers, and where time-sensitive collections and deliveries are concerned we simply cannot be beaten.