Vehicle Delivery Business Solutions

Shift A Car offers a range of business solutions designed to meet the needs of any modern business that has vehicles to move. Our experienced team of handlers are highly tuned to the needs of the transport industry, and already deal with a wide variety of business types; from dealerships and manufacturers to auction houses and those with fleet requirements.

A range of services to meet business needs

Our business evolves to meet the needs of our customers, and as such the scope of our offering grows and changes each month. We do offer a core set of services which most businesses with a requirement to move vehicles will find invaluable. These are listed below:

If you don't find the service you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to call us on 01844 867 220 to discuss the particular requirement you have. With our unrivaled experience and reach across the UK's transport network, we're confident we have the right business solution for you.

A reputation for quality and service

The very best level of service is what we strive to achieve. It's not something we just talk about, it's something we work on every day and push ourselves to maintain. We have a growing reputation within the trade as a company who can deliver, but we're also known as a company who are highly communicative and pleasant to deal with.

As part of this dedication to service we have worked hard to achieve ISO accreditation in 2011/12 and we continue to invest in technology and team building in order to provide an even better service in years to come.