Driven Vehicle Deliveries

A lower cost option for moving your vehicle

There are only really two options when moving your vehicle - you either have it driven or transported.

Having your vehicle driven to its destination is a flexible, reliable and low cost way of getting your car where it needs to be. Also known as "Trade Plate Driven", it is often 50% cheaper than having your car transported on the back of a truck, and with our network of 100's of professional drivers across the UK it is highly likely we'll be able to move your vehicle where you want, when you want.

Are there downsides to having my vehicle driven?

There are a couple of minor downsides when compared to having your car transported on a truck. Firstly, you will be adding mileage onto your car, and secondly there is a small chance of stone chips, or of your vehicle being involved in an accident.

Adding mileage should only really be a concern for new or nearly-new cars, and stone chips are something we risk every time we drive a car. Accidents can happen, but when you book with Shift A Car, you do so in the knowledge that your car is covered by insurance up to its full value, so should anything happen to it you won't lose out financially. We also use only professional trade plate drivers, the vast majority of whom are retired gentlemen who are careful drivers and have the utmost respect for your property.

At Shift A Car we would always recommend having your vehicle driven when that vehicle is more than one or two years old. If you wish to move a newer car, or a classic or high value car, then you need to talk to us about having it professionally transported.

* Please note: your vehicle needs to be roadworthy in order for it to be driven. It must at least have a valid MOT, and if our driver, upon inspection of the vehicle, deems it unsafe to drive, you will still be charged for the movement and no refund will be made.