Frequently Asked Questions

Can you move my car at short notice?

At Shift A Car, we pride ourselves on being able to meet most requirements, especially urgent deliveries.

Due to the large network of drivers and transport companies we deal with on a daily basis, we can normally arrange to have your car delivered next day....sometimes even sooner! 

The best way to find out is to give us a call as soon as you can - our friendly team of experts are available Monday-Friday to deal with your request, and just because you have a short-notice requirement, we'll try to make sure you don't have to pay more.

What is an ePoD?

ePoD is short for "electronic proof of delivery".

Rather than use paper and signatures to provide evidence of whether a vehicle has been collected or delivered, a signature or pin code can be captured on a mobile phone or handheld device.

What is a trade plate driver?

A trade plate driver is a professional driver who collects and delivers vehicles for a living.

The actual 'trade plate' is a special set of registration plates they carry to notify the police and other drivers that they are driving the vehicle in the capacity of a professional.

Trade plate drivers have to be suitably skilled and insured to undertake the job, and a good trade plate driver is worth their weight in gold as the job requires flexibility, patience and a lot of travelling.

Can you deliver my car to the docks?

We understand that delivering your car to UK docks can be a tricky process, and collection from docks is not that straightforward either.

Shift A Car has years of experience dealing with movements to and from all of the UK docks, and we can arrange everything for you from one simple phone call.

We have suppliers all around the country which allows us to ensure your transport company meets all of the requirements for timing and paperwork.

What is a vehicle condition report or a VCR?

When a car or vehicle is driven or transported professionally, it is normal for the vehicle or vehicles condition to be inspected and recorded at both the collection and delivery points.

The document that records this information is called a Vehicle Condition Report. The vehicle's condition is captured either electronically or on paper, both on collection and delivery. This then provides customers with details as to whether their vehicle was damaged in transit.

What is vehicle delivery management?

Just like travel shops are experts at organising your holidays, so Shift A Car are experts at organising the movement of vehicles from one place to another.

This service is called vehicle delivery management, and it's an end-to-end service tailored to meet the car delivery requirements of a company or individual.

The service includes more than just putting you in touch with our suppliers, it includes:

Will I pay extra for an urgent vehicle movement?

In most cases, urgent vehicle movements do cost a bit more money. This is because Shift A Car, and our suppliers, have less time to arrange accompanying vehicles or a return movement - meaning the price of moving your vehicle has to cover all of the costs involved.

Are all of your drivers insured?

Shift A Car places huge importance on ensuring that our customers are not let down in any way. As such, we have stringent measures in place to validate and verify the insurance commitments of every driver and company within our network of suppliers.

We have a dedicated insurance expert in place who manages the insurance documents of every transport company that works with Shift A Car, and this documentation is checked year on year to ensure it is always kept up to date.

Can you move cars to Europe?

Shift A Car's network of suppliers extends across Europe, and we regularly move cars between the UK and France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Cyprus.

We only use specialist transport companies for European movements as there are special insurance and equipment requirements, and by using Shift A Car to book your European movement you could save a lot of money.

What is an open car transporter?

An open car transporter is the most common means of moving vehicles in the UK. It is a truck that can carry up to 12 vehicles on two levels, and it has no roof or sides so the vehicles are open to the elements.

Open car transporters are ideal for moving most types of vehicle as they are the most cost effective, and apart from the possibility of getting a bit wet or dirty, your car will be pretty safe and will not have miles added to the clock during the journey.

What is a single car transporter?

Single car transporters comes in many different shapes and sizes, but are specifically designed to move only one vehicle.

Dedicated single car transporters are mini-trucks, with a cab and a flat aluminum body. Cars are driven onto the back of the transporter and strapped down using wheel strapping, or under body strapping directly to the car chassis. A single car transporter can be open or enclosed.

What happens if my car is damaged during transportation?

It is very rare for a vehicle to be damaged whilst being transported, but all of our transportation companies are fully insured should the worst happen.

We vet each company we use as a supplier, and ensure that insurance is up-to-date at all times. We also know if they are covered up to the amount of the value of your vehicle, so if your £80,000 Aston Martin is being moved, we will only send a company who has insurance to that level.

Can you transport cars from Ireland?

Yes, we can transport cars from pretty much anywhere in Europe. We actually have transport companies in our network who make regular trips to Ireland, so we can often book your vehicle in at short notice and give you a surprisingly competitive price.

Because trips to Ireland require a ferry crossing, transporting your car to or from this location is certainly more expensive. Your transport company will also be less flexible on when they can pick up and deliver because of the restriction of ferry times and the possibility that weather conditions might cause delays.

Is Shift A Car a transport company?

We get asked this a lot, but no, we are not a transport company.

Shift A Car are however experts at moving all types of vehicle, and we move more vehicles every month than any other company in the UK. Over the last decade, we have invested heavily in building the biggest and best network of transport companies, and we've also developed web-based software which helps us to communicate with these companies.

Do I need insurance to transport my car?

During the transportation process, all insurance liability falls onto the transport company who are moving your car, so technically you do not personally have a requirement to be insured for the car.

Shift A Car check and verify insurance documents for each and every transport company on our network, and we complete these checks on a regular basis so you can be sure your vehicle is fully covered against damage or theft during the move.