Frequently Asked Questions

Would somebody move my car less than 10 miles?

Short distance car movements are actually very common, mostly involving cars that are not road worthy or cars that need to be moved across cities.

For the transport companies it's often the case that they are happier only having short travel times, especially if they have a driver or transporter in the area.

Because of the large network of transport companies and trade plate drivers that Shift A Car has access too, we are more than likely to have someone in your area who will gladly move your car over a short distance.

Can you manage collection and delivery of fleet vehicles?

Shift A Car are perfectly positioned to manage fleet collections and deliveries - in fact we already handle high levels of fleet movements for some of the larger companies in the UK.

Our network of transport companies contains 'Fleet Specialists' who are fully trained and prepared by Shift A Car to deal with the specific and individual requirements of a fleet vehicle movement.

Why would I use Shift A Car instead of Shiply or UShip?

Shift A Car is a service provider, and we're here to make the process of moving your vehicle as hassle free as we possibly can.

Websites like Shiply and UShip will only ever provide you with quotes for moving your vehicle, some of which may be good, some not so good. You then have to decide which quote you want to go with, and make all the subsequent arrangements with the transport company.

Is it cheaper to have my car driven or transported?

In general, having your car driven to its destination is the cheaper option, although you have to keep in mind the cost of petrol and the number of miles you are adding to the vehicle.

Also, although all of the drivers used by Shift A Car are experienced professionals, your vehicle is more at risk of accident or damage when being driven, but no more so than if you were driving it yourself.

Is it expensive to transport my car?

Transporting a car is usually very cost-effective and not expensive at all. Prices do vary though, and there are occasions when it can become expensive.

The car transportation industry has its busy times of the year just like any other industry, and at busy times prices can be pushed up because spaces on transporters become scarce.