How Shift A Car Works

We take the stress out of moving your vehicle

Shift A Car exists because we provide a useful service for people who need to move vehicles.

Much like, we save you the hassle of phoning around to get the best price for your vehicle movement. You make one phonecall to us and we do the leg work for you. We have access to the biggest network of transport companies in the UK - we simply cannot be matched in that respect - which means we stand the highest chance of moving your vehicle when you want, for the price you want.

I tried various different transport companies but they couldn't fit me in within 7 days. Shift A Car got my car moved within 24 hours. A very simple process. Mr C Billingham, Chester

Our service doesn't just involve booking your vehicle transport, we also manage your vehicle throughout the process, from collection to delivery, and if anything goes wrong then we will deal with it on your behalf.

We also have strict policies in place for the transport companies we use, including appropriate insurance cover, background checks and an extensive set of terms and conditions which covers you for almost any eventuality.

I phoned around for several quotes and Shift A Car were the cheapest by some margin. Excellent value for money and great service. Mr J McVey - Oxford

We can often save you up to 40% - and here's how

Put yourself in the position of the transport company or the driver who is delivering your vehicle. If they only get paid to move vehicles from A to B then they will make a profit, but not much (they have to be competitive). But if they can then arrange to move another vehicle from B back to A, that is almost clear profit for them and so they can do it a lot cheaper.

Shift A Car's huge network of drivers and transport companies puts us in a unique position to be able to achieve this feat. We offer your vehicle movement to the network and if a suitable "return journey" match is made we can offer you a huge discount.

If there are no suitable matches, we can still book your vehicle movement for a great price - often cheaper than going direct to the transport company anyway.

So call us today to see what you could save.