Single Vehicle Car Transport

We manage more single vehicle movements than any other provider in the UK.

If you have a single vehicle to move anywhere in the UK, Ireland or Europe, we're the people you need to speak to first. Shift A Car are responsible for managing the movement of 1000's of vehicles every single month, and we consistently provide the best service and pricing for our customers.

Finding a transport company to move your vehicle can be a daunting task. Calling around to find a suitable solution to your need will often leave you exasperated because many transport companies are not set up to offer good levels of customer service, and most are small operations who won't be flexible enough to meet your exact needs.

Shift A Car is not a transport company - we don't employ any drivers and we don't own any transporters. What we do have is access to 100's of transport companies around the UK, Ireland and Europe who look to us to provide them with regular car transport jobs.

No phoning around - one phone call gives you the best service and price

Once we have the details of your requirement, we can match your vehicle movement with the best transport company available. The outcome is exactly the same as if you phoned around 50 transport companies yourself, only we are able to use technology to achieve the same result in a matter of minutes.

By matching up your vehicle with the most suitable transport company, we can also save you money. Those cost savings combined with our excellent customer service means you really don't need to look anywhere else when planning a vehicle movement.