Sustainable Procurement Policy

Shift A Car acknowledges that purchasing goods and services should take account of how things have been made, the ethical origin and how they will be disposed of.

Sustainable procurement decisions will need to demonstrate high levels of environmental, economic and social value. Achieving sustainable procurement will often involve balancing conflicting issues between these three values.

Whilst respecting European procurement rules and the UK public procurement regulations, we will endeavor to:

  • Integrate environmental assessment criteria into our procurement strategy and purchasing procedures.
  • Evaluate products and services to ensure that we are using suppliers with corporate social responsibility and ethical values.
  • Ensure that quotation and tender evaluation of goods and services considers whole life costing and not just initial purchase price.
  • Develop and apply an appropriate weighting to reward organisational responses illustrating high environmental and sustainable standards.
  • Continually improve our sustainability purchasing performance through the setting and annual review of relevant objectives and targets.
  • Develop constructive dialogue with priority contractors to improve their environmental performance.
  • Provide resources for development and implementation of this policy and ensure employees engaged in purchasing activities have access to appropriate guidance and training.
  • Work in partnership with other purchasing organisations and service providers, especially those operating within our local community.
  • Communicate and publicise this policy widely to suppliers, employees and other key stakeholders and report progress when necessary.