Urgent vehicle delivery

If you have a car that needs to be collected and delivered urgently, then a phonecall to Shift A Car is the only thing you need to do. From the moment we receive your call we work on your behalf to meet your requirement for the best price possible. No-one can get a better deal than us, and nobody is more likely get your car delivered on time.

We can usually collect the same day - from anywhere in the UK

Our extensive network of transport companies spans the British Isles - we have unrivalled coverage within the industry. We work with large and small providers to ensure that we have the capacity and reach to fulfill any requirements thrown at us.

Most transport companies ensure that their trailers and drivers are booked to capacity at least a week in advance, so quite often you will find that even a few days notice is not enough time if you need your vehicle professionally transported.

However, there are times when these companies still have some capacity left over, and because this is generally where their profit lies, they turn to Shift A Car to fill the spaces.

We send out your urgent vehicle delivery requirement to our entire network of transport companies, and any of these that still have capacity and are in your general area will almost certainly make your collection and delivery.

This is a service that is unique in the UK, and 90% of the time you will save money by booking your urgent vehicle delivery through Shift A Car.

We don't charge extra for urgent vehicle deliveries

To us, an urgent vehicle delivery is the same as a standard vehicle delivery, and to our suppliers the same applies when working with Shift A Car. We guarantee you will find the fairest price around by making your booking with us.

Same day collections and deliveries are usually something that command a premium price, and this is understandable if you deal directly with transport companies. But in dealing with Shift A Car you will not be penalised leaving it late.

Additional premiums will only be asked from our transport companies if they are inconveniencing themselves to fulfill your requirement (non-local, out of hours etc), but you can rest assured that we will speak with the transport companies on your behalf and we will always find you the cheapest option available without compromising on quality of service.

Contact us directly on 01844 867 220 and ask about our Guaranteed Delivery Service.