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Carrier Terms of Trade


Shift A Car Ltd (SAC) recognises the hard work our suppliers (Carriers or Transport partners) and their drivers put into delivering customer vehicles. Most logistics issues are caused by missing or bad information and communication. SAC uses the Car Delivery Network (CDN) software to communicate all aspects of our work. We work extremely hard to reduce the communication challenges and increase information quality for the driver, carrier and our customer. CDN software helps us make the communication simple, accurate and effective. Used properly, your business and ours are more profitable and the driver’s job is made easier.

This document sets out the minimum contracted service level for each Shift A Car contract.

Shift A Car Ltd work is made available via the Car Delivery Network platform. If you undertake Shift A Car work by claiming on the CDN it is deemed that you accept our Terms & Conditions as set out below. As our supplier (you) are responsible for reading and understanding these conditions before undertaking (claiming) SAC work from the CDN loadboard. Any questions should be directed to SAC before work is claimed or undertaken.

You (the Carrier) are responsible for ensuring your driver adheres to the following terms and conditions.

General Terms

PAYMENT - Your invoice must comply with the following conditions

  1. Each Shift A Car job claimed from the CDN forms an contract between you, the Carrier and Shift A Car Ltd.

  2. The contract has a job number which is our ORDER number e.g SAC1234.1 or FRDUK1234

  3. When you claim work off the CDN loadboard you tick a box agreeing to these terms and conditions found at

  4. Pickup and Delivery must be completed as stated. SAC must be informed if dates are altered

  5. Any additional job requirements displayed in the job will form part of the job contract

  6. All jobs must be completed electronically using the vinDELIVER driver's Mobile App.

  7. Anything that requires deviation from the job requirements or that may have an impact on our customer must be communicated to SAC as soon as possible using the ‘Ask A Question’ on the CDN vinDELIVER Office application.

  8. As a minimum, all drivers will be dressed smart casual

  9. If vehicle is to be driven on public roads, your driver must display trade plates

  10. No smoking or eating is allowed in any vehicle

  11. The driver represents SAC and must not solicit business while under contract with SAC

  12. All vehicle pickup and deliveries are made within business hours unless prior arrangements are agreed

  13. SAC will communicate any changes to these standard SLA on a per job or per client basis

The following are our minimal service delivery expectations during the vehicle delivery process:

Prior to vehicle pickup

  • The Carrier will ensure the vehicle will be available for pickup

  • The Carrier will ensure someone will be available to release the vehicle and confirm the pickup address to help protect against non paid aborts. We suggest you add a note to the job on CDN so there is a record of when you called the pickup contact

  • The Carrier will confirm the delivery date/time with delivery contact

At pickup and delivery

SAC expects the driver to use the CDN mobile app vinDELIVER which is available free at the Apple or Google APP store. All expenses must be recorded in the APP before sign off.

The DRIVER must at pickup and delivery:

  • record the fuel level and odometer reading

  • take a photo of the odometer and fuel gauge if driven

  • have an authorised person sign off the vehicle

  • note and record all damage

  • take a photo of any VCR and lease paperwork associated with the job

  • note and photograph any expenses

  • not deliver a vehicle with the fuel warning light on

  • inform SAC within 1 hour of any damage that occurs en route

If the mobile app is not used then all information above must be recorded on paper and attached to the job in the CDN. SAC reserves the right not to pay any expenses or the contract if suitable evidence of contract fulfillment can not be provided

After Delivery

  • The Carrier will ensure the job on the CDN is completed only after all the above information is attached to the job on the CDN

  • The Carrier will mark the job as APPROVED on the CDN within 2 working days of delivery

Releasing a job

  • Ideally a Carrier should not release a job back to SAC once taken. If you have to release a job you need to provide a reason why the job is being released back via the CDN and you must contact SAC

Invoicing and Payment

  • Failure to deliver the delivery service, as contracted, may result in the payment being refused or reduced

  • Invoices will not be accepted if the job has not been ‘Approved’ on the CDN

  • For Driven jobs the contracted rate is deemed expenses and fuel inclusive unless:

  • the fuel or expenses is entered against the job on the CDN within 24hrs of the latest Delivery date indicated on the job of the job being marked as ‘Delivered’

  • the expenses receipt is uploaded against the job on the CDN before invoicing

  • One job per invoice. We cannot process consolidated invoices

  • Invoices must be in PDF format, paper copies will not be accepted

  • Invoices must be emailed to

A valid invoice must:

  • Be addressed to Shift A Car Ltd

  • Display the correct SAC or FRDUK job number (our order number)

  • Only have one invoice per job (no consolidated line item invoices)

  • Display your bank account number and sort code

  • Display the VAT registration number if VAT registered

  • Have an uploaded a corresponding vehicle condition report (VCR) for each delivered vehicle against job on CDN

  • Be in PDF format and sent via email to

  • Be received within 90 days from the date of the contracted vehicle delivery date

  • Payment terms are NET 30 days EOM from the date you email your valid invoice to

  • Non valid invoices are returned for correction and resubmission

  • No credit notes will be accepted for incorrect invoices

NB: All invoices received 90 days after the deliver date of the job will not be paid.


Deviations from the contracted service could result in deviations to the contracted price payment or even no payment.

We often cannot invoice our customer until the carrier has completed the requested tasks and any delay results in cost and issues for SAC. We reserve the right to apply one or all of the following charges:

  • No proof of pickup or delivery will prevent invoice approval and payment

  • Delivery of vehicle late without prior arrangement with SAC - 25% reduction in contracted price

  • Job not marked as approved after 3 working days - £5 / day reduction in the vehicle delivery fee

  • Released jobs within 48 hours before earliest pickup date you may be liable for any costs incurred to get the job covered by another carrier


Aborted jobs will be paid at the contracted rate if the following conditions are met:

  • Carrier called SAC while driver is at pickup notifying vehicle not available and awaiting instruction. eg confirming abort or waiting time

  • No expenses will be paid unless otherwise agreed by SAC and noted on the job in the CDN


  • Jobs cancelled on the day of earliest pickup will be paid at the full contracted rate

  • No payment for a cancelled job will be made if you are informed by 3pm the previous working day of the earliest pickup


  • The Carrier must ensure adequate insurance cover is in place before claiming the job and moving the vehicle

  • If vehicle is damaged whilst in the the carrier’s care, SAC must be notified within 1 hour

  • Electronic or paper Vehicle Condition Report (VCR) must be completed for each vehicle

  • Customer or driver pickup and delivery signatures must be captured

  • If a signatory is not available then the driver must sign the VCR

  • SAC holds no liability for damage to a vehicle or vehicles in the supplier's care

  • Invoices for damaged vehicles will not be paid until the vehicle is repaired and fully settled with the customer

  • The carrier will indemnify Shift A Car Ltd for any vehicle(s) loss or damage whilst in your or your driver's care


SAC will pay all valid expenses when the following conditions have been met:

  • Expenses AMOUNT added against the job on the CDN within 24 hours of the vehicle being delivered

  • All supporting expense documentation must be uploaded against the job on the CDN before invoicing SAC

  • SAC reserve the right not to pay fuel claims for excessive deviations from the pickup and delivery mileage / route, unless previously agreed

  • Fuel must be kept to a minimum, unless otherwise instructed

  • SAC will not pay for fuel when it is a Cash On Delivery (COD) as noted in the job notes on CDN

  • If a fuel limit is imposed, SAC will only pay up to that amount (this limit will be outlined on the SAC Driver Instructions on the CDN)

  • Excluding fuel and unavoidable tolls, all expenses must be pre approved by SAC and noted on Job by SAC. NB - the M6 toll road is avoidable

Breakdown and Recovery

If a vehicle breaks down en route, SAC must be contacted for instruction for a breakdown service and an ‘Ask A Question’ must be added against the Job on the CDN. SAC will advise of the appropriate course of action as instructed by our customer.

Waiting time

All waiting time must be reported on the CDN via the 'Ask A Question' function and agreed with SAC while your driver is still at the pickup or delivery point. The following rates will apply:

  • Trade plate driver - £15 per hour

  • Transporter driver - £25 per hour

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